Welcome, ようこそ!to Yayako and Hiroshi Habu Blog!


Sunny Day

Today, one a sunny day in the end of December. Hmmmmm ...though it is sunny, but the weather is so cold. Want to continue doing the thesis, but Habu said to me that I have to go outside catch up the sun. So I decide to go to Ikebukuro..


not forget full sugar of ice tea

chicken teriyaki


Back to work

Actually nothing special today, just about i came back to my part time job, after two weeks absent. Very tired. 
Oh, also after working i went to flower shop for "flower of the week" and decide to buy tulip. 

yellow tulip


"LIVE" with Doburoku

 Hai everyone..!!!
Today I went to Shibuya to watch Habu had Live Performance with the band named Doburoku. 
you can check this web about this band: http://blog.livedoor.jp/doburokuinfo/archives/460607.html
Habu played African Jambe on percussion. 
Living with music is very helpful to lose stress....yeayy...I love music!
Habu n jambe


Oh, not forget, today i also had dinner with my friend Yuri chan in Mexican Restaurant El-Torito in Shinjuku. Very delicious dinner!!



Christmas Party

 Today, four of us, me, Habu, Habu big brother (Keisuke) n girlfriend, Reina, made home party. We made gyoza, tempe goreng, and pasta. And we gave a present each other..
make gyoza

Nichan made gyoza
pasta yey!!!
girl part...
a lot of present
 Merry Christmas everyone!!!

African Band Christmas Eve LIVE

Habu and two of African men, one named Lucky, Nigerian (boss of the restaurant) and Robby from Ghana, hold LIVE PERFORMANCE of African Music to celebrate Christmas. Very fantastic! I love African music very much.

Candle in the bar

African bar
me watching!!!

 Mary Christmas all.. God Bless You!!!!

pic I took the way home

unique Christmas tree


Christmas Eve

new camera
 Today, I spent my day with my new camera, I bought yesterday! Wow so amazing. Though I don`t know about photography at all, but this camera is very easy to take some spots... yaaayyaa.. so helpful to produce good pics! Olympus Pen Lite!! I`m crazy with this camera since last year. but because the prize was so impossible to buy, I just wait n wait, till this Christmas Sale...lucky me!

オリンパス、Pen Liteが買っちゃんだよ!!嬉しかった。

When the Christmas comes, I always remember the first came to Tokyo( actually the second time, but first time to see Habu). 3 years ago I decide to come to Tokyo to live here near someone I love. And now 3 yaers later, finally we got married, and stay together.. What a long journey... thanks God!
ready for christmas, a lot of presents!

Today, Habu will have live performance in African Restaurant n Bar Esogie, Shinjuku Tokyo.
Just check it up: http://esogie.com/
And of course i won`t miss it!

Christmas tree in my eyes

There are some pictures I took today. Please enjoy.
ice tea in Mos Burger
flowers in home..love it!
ground near of home

My first time blog!!!

Welcome to my first blog. And I hope I can create some updates everyday, to show my daily life. I took the tittle of my blog as Yayako n Hiroshi Habu Japan Life, because I want to write about my husband too, during his carrier as an artist. The meaning of the artist is that he starts to be a professional on the way that he choosed, to play percussion.
Oh, I forget! I try to write my blog in English and Japanese, because I realized my English is very bad. With writing this, well be my exercise to learn English. Language will be bad if we don`t use it, right? So  I`m trying.... Please help...