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Oedo Onsen Monogatari & Odaiba

Today, I spent my day all with my best friend Rara to relax the body in Oedo Onsen, Odaiba. Twice for me and first for Rara to go there, and we enjoyed so much. Much relaxing, much eating, much talking, and of course much taking pictures...hehehe...


Satisfied enjoying the hot spring, then we went to Odaiba. we came in into malls and, there were a lots of SALE in every cloth shops. We spent much time to find the good and cheap ones.
Yeayy...I spent a lot of money today, and it made me crazy then..



Thanks for today, dear Rara..Lets hang out againnn!!!

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  1. senang sekali bersamamu yaya..
    kapan-kapan kita nikmati kebersamaan bersama lagi ya...
    coba sugi cepet nikah kita bisa ke netherland ma maitri :D